Wonderful journey recounted by these 753 photos presented here.

we have spent an amazing journey on a South America cruise on
the MS Zaandam ship.
Always something to see everywhere and every time.

First the cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo that seem quiet and
easy to visit.
Then the Atlantic sea during 2 days, even if the weather was cloudy
with wind and without sun it was great.

And the Falkland islands, little tour at Fort Stanley, typically British little town.
Then discovery the lands that seem hostile, deserted and rough
but I loved this country side.
It was also the first time we met the Penguins.

After that, cap to Punta Arenas through the beautiful Magellan chanel.
Not so much time to discover the town but we have appreciated
the tour at Magdalena and Marta islands to see other Penguins and
also Sea Lions.

Then has begun the tour on the chanels, the Cockburn chanel until
the Beagle chanel where we could see all along this trip
some beautiful landscapes of mountains and glaciers.

Arrived at Ushuaia, City blocked between some huge mountains and the sea.
Here we have chosen a trekking but one more again not enough time
to visit the town.
During this hike, we have been surprise to experience to walk on a spongy soil
and we also appreciated the landscape.

Then after left Ushuaia we sailed to Cape Horn.
We were lucky because the weather was nice and we could enjoy
the Cape Horn. But I was a little bit disappointed because in my imagination,
through my readings and TV reports, I imagined a wild seawith a black
and threatening sky through which the boat would have great difficulty
to sail but fortunately it wasn’t and we could enjoy again a beautiful landscape.

Then the following days we sailed across others channels
on the amazing Chilean fjords. During those days we have spent a lot of time
on the ship’s decks to observe the wonderful landscapes all around us and
the birds as the legendary Albatross and different type of Petrels.

And one day we are arrived ashore at Puerto Montt.
No time to visit this town. We had booked a tour to the 'Lago Todos los Santos'
then 'Petrohue falls' to finish at puerto Varas before re-embarking
on the Zaandam for our last ‘at sea’ day.

The end of this wonderful trip was at the multiples colored hills of Valparaiso
then Vina del mare where we have spent some hours to visit these cities
before going to Santiago and to have a short visit and
take a flight the day after to come back home.

During this journey, all was perfect, we really enjoyed it.
The Ms Zaandam ship is wonderful, friendly and helpful staff,
the foods and restaurants are worthy of great restaurants.

In all, I made 4000 photos, I threw 800 (I know, there are many others that I also should have thrown).
Of the remaining 3200, many were taken in multiple copies (usually 3 shots) with different settings in "Bracketing" mode
and then assembled in a single picture.

I used the technique of the HDR (High Dynamic Range) to combine these 3 shots in one using software designed for it.
The HDR makes it possible to give a better rendering to the image "closer to reality" or then completely unreal ...
In short, including those developed in HDR I dealt with a total of 1300 of which I present only 753 here.
Casually it took me about sixty hours to sort out, deal more add some summary comments to those pictures.